chair-chi-training-picI’m looking forward to next Monday’s Aged Care Chair Chi Training Level One workshop.

We’ve almost to capacity but there is still room for anyone who would like to register – you’ll need to do it now as we’ll be closing off bookings very soon.

So far we’ve run this workshop in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. And next year we plan to run more workshops including our Level Two for those who have completed Level One – providing there is sufficient interest.

Here are the details to the current Sydney workshop;

When: Monday, 17th November
Where: Adina Apartment Hotel, 2 Lee Street (next to Central Station)
Duration: one day – 9.00am-4.30pm
Fee: $341 (includes GST) – includes catering and comprehensive training manual. 10% discount for three or more from one organisation (contact us for further details)

Please register here.

If you miss this one and are interested I’ll post up next year’s schedule once we finalise the dates.



Great Chi Kung Location

July 25, 2014

When I’m inbetween Chair Chi workshops I usually go to the Tim Neville Arboretum in Boronia, Melbourne, Australia to practice ChiKung and/or Tai Chi.
The seat in this picture is where I practiced my Chi Kung set and the view was ideal for circulating the Chi.

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Tai Chi Stance: What Goes Up Must Go Down

July 11, 2014

When I practice my embrace the tree stance each morning I find there is a tendency to rise up slightly from the posture, especially when I’m nearing the end of my workout.
When this occurs I focus my Chi sinking vertically into the ground, starting from my Tan Tien, coccyx (tail bone), knees, bubbling wells in [...]

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Small Space Tai Chi

June 23, 2014

There’s not much room  in my place at the moment to practice Tai Chi as I’m painting kitchen cupboards and there’s stuff everywhere including my living room.
So early this morning I did my ‘embrace the tree posture’ stance  in my office and later on a Chair Chi session in my bedroom.
So you can practice Tai [...]

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Tan Meng-hsien: Tai Chi Roll Back Energy

June 19, 2014

Here is a very important concept to incorporate in your Tai Chi training with a partner.
What is the meaning of rollback energy?
Entice the opponent toward you by allowing him to advance,
lightly and nimbly follow his incoming force
without disconnecting and without resisting.
When his force reaches its farthest extent,
it will naturally become empty.
The opponent can then be [...]

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Tai Chi Wake Up Call

June 13, 2014

I have two alarm clocks. One beside my bed and the other is my ‘embrace the tree’ (standing posture) training.
The bedside clock alarm gets me out of bed but when I stumble into the living room and start my 25 minute standing posture practice -  I really wake up.

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Coming Up: Chair Chi Training – Monday 2nd June

May 30, 2014

Well, it’s only a couple days away from my next Aged Care: Chair Chi Training Level 1 workshop.
I’m really looking forward to this workshop as I’ll be working with aged care staff who run activities for their low care and high care residents. I’ll be teaching staff how to run a Chair Chi workshop and [...]

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Melbourne Workshops: Chair Chi & Falls Prevention

May 27, 2014

Last call for next week’s Melbourne training workshops. Registration deadline Wednesday, 28th May.
Here are the details:
Agedcare: Chair Chi Level One Workshop
Ideal for those working in the aged care sector, staff, carers, volunteers. Learn how to deliver a Chair Chi session for low care and high care residents or elderly people in general – more information [...]

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Tai Chi Quote – Li I-Yu

May 2, 2014

In going forward or stepping back, there is not even the slightest disorder.
Li I-Yu

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